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As a training agency, we take a different approach to working with our providers at New Directions Wellness Center. We strive to offer new providers an environment that allows for professional development and experience toward owning and managing their own private practice. Simply put - We nurture new therapists! 

We offer 160 hours of PTO and an additional 8 unpaid holidays.  Our therapists are compensated for pre-licensed at 50% commission ($46-52/session) for service hours performed. We offer flexible work hours, support, and supervision. Therapists are expected to see 20 billable hours, be available for 40 hours (full-time) a week, and maintain their cases. Client's choose their therapists rather than being assigned. These expectations and benefits simulate working in a private practice while providing quality care and maintaining safety for our clients. 

We are seeking new providers for non-traditional work hours as soon as November 2023:

  • Part-time opportunity: Monday-Friday 5-9pm (20 available hours). This position is great for someone seeking to transition quickly while maintaining a primary job elsewhere.

  • Full-time opportunity: Friday-Monday (36+ available hours) for virtual sessions only with possible progress toward some in-office sessions. 

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2525C Lebanon Pile, Suite 202

Nashville, TN 37214

Tel: 615-601-0580 Ext 1. 

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