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NCMHCE Study Seminar

Johnathan offers this course quarterly in Nashville. The seminar covers approaches and tips for studying and passing the exam. 

Johnathan recommends that you begin studying at least 3 months prior to the exam date to build up the skills needed to pass this exam. The exam is a skill and knowledge-based exam. Unlike the NCE  which is strictly about what you know, this exam requires you to take a very unique approach toward testing. Most people who take this exam find training on how to answer the questions an imperative and time-consuming exercise. 

Johnathan recommends using to prepare for this exam. The approach to taking this exam is clearly explained. Johnathan believes the value of the site content is extremely valuable. As a result, he uses the site in the seminar he holds as part of the training. Below are links to the upcoming training and additional resources you will find helpful.


There are no upcoming trainings at this time.

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