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Sarah Ledbetter, M.S. 

Supervised Clinician

Specialties: Trauma, somatic processing, addiction, LGBTQIA+, gender-identity exploration, and relationship issues.


Ages: 10+


Availability: Monday - Friday 900a-600p In-person preferred, telehealth available. 

Other Interests: Individual, couples, and group therapy for somatic processing.

Payment Options: Aetna, Cigna, UHC/Optum (not EAP or TennCare), and self-pay. 


The clients I've been most effective with have been those with what I call 'blurry trauma,' which is early attachment experiences that were less than affirming. That kind of trauma leads to addiction, less than fulfilling relationships, and difficulty harnessing the resources needed to navigate change so the client can create their most authentic life and relationships.

I am a body-oriented psychotherapist, meaning that I specialize in the 'now' of the therapeutic relationship and the gentle, reliable resources that are present in the room for bringing a sense of competency to facing and addressing what's scariest.

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