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Ben Dixon, M.S.

Supervised Clinician


Family Issues, Relational Issues, LBGTQIA+ Issues, Life Transitions, Anxiety/Depression, Trauma, and Suicidality


16 - 65+


Fridays - Mondays 8:00a-6:00p 

Payments Methods

Self-pay rates are $100-150 (income-based)

Insurances accepted - BlueCross/BlueShield (not TennCare), Aetna, Cigna, and UHC/Optum,(not CommunityCare). No EAPs.


Starting your journey with therapy can be an intimidating first step and I want to congratulate you for taking the first step toward a path of growth and healing. Admitting a need for help and taking the time to seek that help requires a lot of personal vulnerability and my hope as your therapist is to honor that first step and meet you wherever you are. Growth takes time, trust, and commitment and my hope is to offer a safe space for all my clients to have the opportunity to meet the goals that they want to achieve through counseling.

Before coming to New Directions Wellness Center, I worked for several community mental health agencies with a wide variety of focuses during my graduate studies. I started working with substance use recovery at detox and residential facilities where I learned how to support clients at various stages of recovery. I also spent time working in substance misuse prevention at my university where I got to grow in connection with college students to create a safer and healthier campus community. During my time in my graduate program, I also had the opportunity to serve youth and their families through intensive in-home treatment with Youth Villages, which taught me how to help families experiencing complex and demanding situations. Throughout these experiences I have grown an interest in working with trauma, depression, anxiety, suicidality, relational concerns, life transitions, and grounding/mindfulness techniques. 

It takes time to build the trust needed to feel safe with being vulnerable, but my hope is to offer you a safe and welcoming environment where we can build that trust. I utilize an eclectic approach to counseling to help you meet this goal which means that I pull from a variety of different counseling theories and techniques to empower you to author your story in a genuine way.  I am partial to a person-centered approach which means that I view each client as their best expert on their own life, and I am here to help you navigate and explore what path you want your journey to take. I also pull from motivational interviewing, the Gottmann method, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution focused therapy to help create whatever blend of therapy you most align with.


Text or call: 615-854-8231

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