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New Directions honors its core value of focusing on the development of new clinicians and clinical assessments. We offer clinical consultation and clinical supervision for mental health clinicians who are working in the field. 

Career Coaching and Consultation for Clinicians

Beyond clinical supervision, coaching for new clinicians is very important to the counseling professions. Johnathan offers coaching and consultation to guide new professionals entering private practice. Beginning a private practice is not easy and often anxiety-provoking for many newly licensed clinicians. Beyond setting up a practice, occasional clinical consultation is important to maintaining ethical practices. Johnathan has over 10 years of training experience with maximizing the clinical potential of new graduates and licensed counselors. Request an appointment with him by clicking on his name.

Johnathan offers clinical supervision for LPC/MHSP licensure. He has been a clinical supervisor since 2012 and provides clinical supervision for corporate clients as well as individual practitioners. Beyond clinical supervision, he also provides trainings and study groups for the NCE, NCMHCE and TN Jurisprudence exams. 

Adolescent Sexual Risk Assessments

This assessment is a clinical assessment for youth 13-17 who have sexual acted out or who are at risk for acting out toward others. The assessment is completed by a licensed counselor with significant experience working with this population. This assessment is frequently requested by courts as part of an ongoing case or as a condition of probation. This assessment can often stand in for a court ordered Psychosexual Assessment but is not the same. Reach out to Johnathan Johnson, LPC/MHSP to schedule.

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