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Melissa Bond, M.S.
Supervised Clinician


LGBT+, Trauma, grief, anxiety/depression, suicide prevention and survivor support, certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. 






Monday-Friday 5:00p-9:00p (virtual or in-person)


Payment Options 

Insurances accepted - BlueCross/BlueShield (not TennCare), UHC/Optum, Aetna, Cigna, and Self-pay ($100-150)

About Melissa

Everyone has a different approach to life and therapy. I do my best to meet people where they are. I aim to meet you where you are on your life path. Creating a safe space, free from judgement, is extremely important to me, and I strive to be heart-centered in all my approaches to therapy. Coming from 22+ years’ experience in a massage therapy and yoga background, I challenge my clients to turn inward and listen to their bodies. Learning how our emotions can be stored in areas of the body can be helpful, insightful, and cathartic. 

Somatic release can be experienced through hypnotherapy. I have a certification in heart-centered hypnotherapy from The Wellness Institute. This therapy focuses on releasing stored trauma and past energies stored in the body. Please ask for more details. I have personal experience receiving and healing from this work. I also believe in continuous growth, education, and learning. I myself have continuous therapy, coaching, teachers, and support. I believe that we are all in this together. 

​I am also a certified yoga instructor and focus on somatic issues when they arise. Research has proven that emotional regulation extends life, so anything to regulate and calm the parasympathetic system of the body is encouraged in my work with you. I also educate and encourage feedback from you. I am spiritually based and respect all faiths and walks of life. If I don’t know or understand your culture, please help me understand. I am here to support you. :)

​I also have experience in religious trauma. Whatever you believe, and if you believe in nothing, you are accepted and safe here. I also have trainings in Suicide Prevention and Support for Survivors of Suicide. I’m looking forward to developing a support group soon. I am Culture inclusive, encourage trauma informed care, and the best way for me to help you is by learning and listening to what you share with me. I aim to build trust, and I realize that takes time.  I want you to feel safe and comfortable to unburden yourself and share important aspects of your life with me, so we can facilitate growth and healing for you. I have experience in crisis intervention, grief support, suicide survivor support, life transitions, and LGBTQ+, depression and anxiety. 

I recently received my masters in counseling from Lindsey Wilson college Gallatin, TN, and I am trained in Basic Counseling Skills in    Addition to Hypnotherapy Training and Suicide Intervention/Support.




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