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Johnathan Johnson, LPC-MHSP

Owner, Supervisor, Clinician


Adult issues, adolescent disruptive behaviors and their parents, adolescent sexual behaviors. LGBT and others with alternative lifestyles. 




Monday - Thurs 1000a-7:00p 

Fridays 1000a-400p

Other Services

Counselor training, coaching, concierge counseling, and clinical supervision

Payments Methods

Self-pay rates are $100-150

Insurances accepted - UHC/Optum, Aetna, and Cigna.

Amerigroup,  BlueCare, TennCare Select, and Cover Kids for youth with sexual behaviors only.


I believe that in order to be healthy and happy, the individual must be focused on growth and change. If you are not healthy or happy, change is necessary. However, several factors complicate this simple truth.

  • Negative thinking and unhealthy patterns

  • It's harder to change something than to leave it be and accept our situation.

  • We allow our power to be stolen rather than exchanged.

  • Fear, anger, and sadness can override logic and wisdom 

  • How we act and think affect our experience of reality.


My approach focuses on addressing these factors in order to reacquire a healthy and happy lifestyle and achieve lasting stability and success. I provide a friendly, accepting, and supportive space for my clients. Regardless of the issues, I work with my clients and their values to meet their needs. However, I do hold my clients to the expectation of change and growth. I am here to help, guide and teach. I meet my clients where they are and walk with them until they find their path to health and happiness. 


I have over 20 years of experience in the field including 13 years in residential treatment with adolescents and 7 years in private practice. Since 2013, I have worked with individuals, groups, and families at New Directions. The majority of my clients are adults who feel lost, depressed or struggle with unhealthy behavior.  I also have an extensive history of treating very difficult behaviors in adolescents including treatment of trauma, sexual behaviors, moderate adolescent alcohol, and drug use, and nearly any adolescent disruptive behaviors. Recently, I have begun working with people living alternative lifestyles who have special considerations and might be fearful of judgment or conservative beliefs related to their search for a therapist.


In addition to my therapeutic experience, I also train and supervise counselors toward licensure. When training counselors, I take a developmental and experiential approach that allows a counselor to develop at their own pace. I also bring perspective and fairness to treatment as part of my values in treating clients and training counselors. I support a very open-minded, non-judgmental engagement with both clients and counselors.